One Piece Overhead Garage Door, type N80.

The N80 type is the classic One Piece Overhead Garage Door of New Door for single garage. The one piece overhead garage door N80 offers safety, have perfect quality, design and a wide variety of designs and colors.

It is a complete garage door system adapted to your needs and desires.


A complete garage door system tailored to your needs and desires. Choosing from a wide range of accessories, such as motor, embedded manholes, locks, handles, windows, soundproof / insulating panels, automation, external release systems etc., you can have the door you want.

The series N80 is so complete, that even includes side garage doors with the same appearance, in case you need something. Of course, all the above components, including motors and automatic systems, comply with the same high standards and cooperate fully with the door itself. No matter if we are talking about a small manual or an electric door with full automation – the N80 series is designed to be customized to your needs.

– You can choose between different designs, from the classic rabote steel (vertical, horizontal, etc.) or squared panels, painted with one of over 200 available colors, even genuine wood paneled or design lined lacquered wood with inlaid decorative elements glass and stainless steel. In total there are over 30 projects on the sheet of N80, and if that do not cover you, it is possible to buy the frame and adjust the wood paneling that your carpenter will built for you.


Some of the superior security offered by garage doors N80 stems from the credibility that guarantees that, with proper use, will not experience hardware failures.

But high reliability not enough. For this reason, the One Piece Overhead Garage Door N80 features:

  • flexible plastic covers of elevation arms,
  • multiple springs (adjustable to the correct voltage) high strength and a specific design / manufactured in a way that even if it breaks it is not ejected and the rest to provide sufficient compensation of the door weight,
  • precision guide which prevents derailment of the sheet,
  • special configuration of the terminal path of the railroad to the sheet to be “”parked”” safely in roof guides and require extra power to start the lowering,
  • tires on selected sections of the perimeter of the frame and the sheet in order to minimize possible injury from misuse of the product.
  • minimum distances between the springs of each bundle, so it can not even fit the finger of a child.


One piece roof door has simple operating principle, one 4-point suspension essentially. Has a small number of joints and ligaments that make the sheet follows a smooth trajectory during its operation. The minimum number of moving parts, means that a properly designed and constructed door inherently is very difficult to present a problem or fails. N80 one piece garage door is designed so that the opening-closing path geometry is perfect and flawless, almost neutral, weighing. These guarantee the smoothest possible path of the sheet, without vibration and sudden accelerations or decelerations. The upper part of the sheet, moving to the horizontal rail with special plastic high strength castors in a way that does not produce noise. This way we don’t have friction and we prevent corrosion of the metal to metal contact. It is a door that, even in manual version, can easily open it or close any (even those with very low muscle strength), while not descends abruptly if left free at the close.

Multiple spring system with finger protection.

The multi hedging spring system guarantees smooth and reliable operation of the door. The special design with very small gaps between the turns of the spring ensures that there is no way to trap a finger in between. In the unlikely event of breakage of a spring, this will not eject while the door would not “fall” suddenly. The remaining springs will continue their operation. The springs are adjusted with precision to provide proper hedging for each phase of the door trajectory.

Stantard two-point locking.

The door in the manual version, comes with two locking points (the two lower corners) that offers great security. For even more security it is possible to upgrade to a three-point system. The third point is the average of the upper door section. Note that the manually locking mechanisms aren’t placed in automatic doors. Both are “locked” through a special mechanism to the drive system, on the other hand, if there is a contractual lock and forgotten locked during operation.

Resistant construction.

The N80 is built to withstand. The frame of the panel, in addition to being composed of strong parts rectangular and has two horizontal reinforcing elements.

Construction and materials.

N80 has the best in manufacturing equipment and treatment. Furthermore, uses top materials. The skeleton of the one piece roof door is made of galvanized steel, highly resistant to corrosion. The waterproofing rubbers are of high quality. The overlap panels of a single N80 is made of galvanized steel. They are coated with a special granular material for wear resistance (even in the compounds or angles).

A variety of optional equipment.

There is a wide variety of optional equipment, specially designed for the N80. Optional equipment includes indicatively:

  • windows
  • handles
  • pedestrian door
  • side garage doors
  • sound insulation materials
  • thermal insulation materials
  • 3-point locking
  • waterproofing rubbers

and many other accessories.