The new KOMMERLING 76 doesn’t compromise but offers all the advantages of a modern frame. From design to operation, construction physics and insulation values in terms of environmental protection and value conservation, it meets not only current but also future requirements.

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The design is so innovative that despite the relatively narrow profile, it is possible to use triple glazing with modern glass panes. Thanks to smart fastening techniques, presents a clean and proper fitting. Replacing old windows with modern KÖMMERLING 76 windows is therefore a neat task.

Of course, modern three-fold or specially functional glazing up to 48mm thick can be used in KÖMMERLING 76. The result: On the one hand, the valuable heating energy is not lost, and on the other, the solar heat penetrates into the space through the large solar windows . It is impossible to save energy in a more beautiful and simple way.

The 7 chambers were designed with the latest methods and provide high thermal insulation, optimum stability and maximum lifting power for heavy loads (heavy glazing).

  • Highly energy efficient double-sealing system with a total depth of 76 mm.
  • Excellent thermal insulation values: Uf-value=1.0 W / (m²K) already in its basic version of KÖMMERLING 76 AD.
  • Optimum sound insulation up to 47 dB through innovative insulations.
  • A wide range of glass options up to 48mm thickness offering the use of modern triple glazing or special functional glazing.
  • The mechanisms are secured through multiple reinforced layers on the main areas of load holding aided by special screws.
  • Burglar protection. Resistance category up to RC 2 (WK 2). Designed for anti-burglary mechanisms.

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