The support is made with a central parapet in which the two pergolas applied. Thereafter each pergolas with its own tilt ends at the barrier of which consists of the water gutter and of the aloumilniou columns.
Circumferential can apply gelatins in caskets or simple with anti anemic gelatins.

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  • Tilt closing dual thrown awnigns pergolas. The system is entirely aluminum and stainless metal parts.
  • The movement is done by wireless Somfy motors.
  • The fabric is designed to protect from the sun, rain and wind. Because of the use of special pvc shading material, high technology of three-layer for protection against uv radiation, cool, deep shade and completely waterproof, water flowing and not staying thus achieving the complete sealing of the space.
  • Testing-CE Certification
    The awning pergolas sunrain is certified by CE and the strength of the wind pressure reaches the highest level 6 in the market in Europe up to 11 Beaufort.