The system EL 8200 offers unlimited possibilities for covering very large doors and provides excellent tightness and lucidity thanks to the minimal presence of aluminum.

This unique system for folding doors give the possibility to create multiple structures up to 3 m height and 0,8 m width per sash, without a horizontal partition for an excellent esthetic result.

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  • Can cover very big openings.
  • Minimal presence of aluminum for more lucidity.
  • Perfect tightness thanks to the use of specially designed EPDM gaskets and high density brushes with membrane.
  • Possibility to create a wide range of folding doors with up to 3m height (!) without horizontal partition.
  • Available with a flat track for an easier folding.
  • It includes a special flat safety handle which can be used to pull or push the sashes.
  • Easy process for placing the handle and the locking mechanism.
  • It provides the possibility to manufacture opening sashes in the center of the folding door which function independently, without needing to fold the door.
  • It provides the possibility to create a par number of sashes that can move to one direction (i.e. 4-0-0).
  • Possibility to manufacture a par number of sashes moving in one direction with an odd number of independent sashes moving in the opposite direction (eg 7-4-3).
  • It provides the possibility to manufacture an odd number of sashes with an independent sash at the end.
  • It accepts a lock of 30mm depth without needing additional processing for long lasting constructions.
  • Rollers and hinges from stainless steel parts and aluminum parts to prevent from any oxidation problem, even if the door is in a stain environment (eg coastal areas). ELVIAL 8200 Flexi has 39 mm diameter wheels for resistibility and ease of rolling.
  • Available in curvy shape.
  • Possibility to place a shutter in the folding door by using a specific profile.
  • The upper track and one of the side frames can be cut 45 degrees. It is connected with a joint corner to form a “P” for an easier installation.
  • The existence of specific regulators allows an easy and fast alignment of the construction.

Types of Constructions

  • Folding doors with unilateral movement with odd or par number of sashes.
  • Folding doors with bilateral movement with odd or par number of sashes.


  • The design, production process and quality control of all ELVIAL profiles are certified according to the European standard ISO 9001:2008.
  • ELVIAL coating process is certified and conducted in accordance with the European standard QUALICOAT.