Windproof Gelatines

Wind protection applications

The gelatin gives us the possibility through its ductility to protect areas by installing it with various constructions. It is an insulating material and acts as an insulation for your space by gaining up to 7 degrees Celsius. Applied to a cylindrical shaft with a manual mechanism and hooks, gelatins are a lightweight system that easily adapts to many areas. Mounted in box becomes a very tight system without second intervention with separate pieces. And as a third option, screwed into fixed frames with infinite shapes and colors, they provide a solution in professional spaces.

With gelatines we can trap the hot air in our space at a low cost but also legally. It is placed in almost any space without any special requirements or changes.

Windproof  Gelatines  boxed

Clear PVC cassette screens and enclosure systems are very practical and aesthetically appealing constructions. They can be installed in both professional and domestic spaces in combination with awning systems or retractable aluminum pergola.

The aluminum cassette frame ensures a highly durable construction with a long life-span. It is powder coated (electrostatic coating), as is the framing upon which the clear PVC blinds are installed, leading to a harmonious and visually appealing result. PVC blinds may reach a lifespan of up to 10 years, and then, they can be replaced at one third of their initial price. Prices are based on the dimensions required, as specified in the catalogue.

As protection material, tarpaulin or fabric can also be used. All our products are certified to meet the requirements of the highest wind resistance class (III), according to the common European standards of classification.

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